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Clinimail: A 100% confidential and secure web platform

Clinimail is a modern communication platform that allows pharmacists to monitor drug therapy. That is, to answer questions from their patients and to track online the effectiveness or side effects of their drug treatments. Because our health is important to us all!

Discover Clinimail, an application for Drug Therapy Web Monitoring allowing a confidential communication between a pharmacist and his patient.


Enhance the quality of your professional practice to an unparalleled level by registering with Clinimail.

With Clinimail, you can communicate confidentially with your patients and enjoy significant benefits. Thanks to Clinimail, the pharmacist controls his follow-ups with the patients he wants to follow, by communicating confidentially and enjoying considerable benefits.


  • Validate the effectiveness of your interventions
  • Get feedback from your patients
  • Write your follow-up messages at your convenience
  • Communicate on the web, no matter what time of day
  • Schedule when you send messages. No need for an agenda!
  • Send a patient a lab result
  • Archive and document your follow-ups
  • Your email address remains confidential at all times
  • Clinimail is adapted for computers, tablets and smart phones

Would you like to invite your patients to register for Clinimail? Print this information note and give it to them on their next visit.


Clinimail facilitates communication with your pharmacist. Ask questions about your drug treatment (effectiveness, side effects and natural products). Always accessible, the platform is easy to consult on a computer, tablet or mobile device. It’s confidential and free.


  • Communicate in complete confidentiality with your pharmacist
  • Ask questions online whenever you want
  • Follow up on your medications (effectiveness and side effects)
  • Evaluate professional services and treatment received in complete confidentiality

Conferences for pharmacists

André Paquette

Pharmacist and Clinimail President
Drug Therapy Web Monitoring, the new dimension of the profession!
Welcome to the new dimension of the profession! It is not easy to integrate therapy web monitoring into our professional practice. For that particular reason, I offer pharmacists Drug Therapy Web Monitoring conferences.

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